The Words of Gratitude from J.Robert Frazee to Farm Credit Armenia Credit Coooperative


I was, and am, deeply honored by the recognition and award of a gold medallion that you bestowed on me at your 10th anniversary celebration. I think back on my visit and that evening with warm and fond memories of the celebration of your achievement and your successes amid challenges. I think of how special it was to be able to reconnect with you as both professional colleagues and friends.
The honor you bestowed on me was generous. I was pleased to be able to part of a team that provided technical support during the time of the creation and the early years of Farm Credit Armenia. To the extent that I provided help, it was amplified exponentially by the work of others who came together cooperatively, collaboratively in support of your noble mission to improve the quality of life in rural Armenia.
While you recognized my support, the ultimate honor and recognition is owed and due to you. I have come to learn and appreciate over the years the deep-rooted drive and tenacity of Armenians. Enduring, hardworking and visionary, Armen, with the support and guidance of the Board and a talented and professional staff, has built an organization that has the potential to deliver on your mission promise. What you’ve achieved is remarkable; what you desire to achieve is laudable.
Please accept my heartfelt thank you for allowing me to play some role in your accomplishment. My wish is that you will be celebrating a growing list of accomplishments in improving the quality of life for rural Armenians at your 20th anniversary, and your 30th anniversary….and your 100th anniversary.
With best wishes and support for your continued success and grateful thanks for the honor of having worked with you,


J. Robert Frazee
President and CEO

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