I would like to address my welcome message to farmers, processors, rural residents and other agriculturally related business owners.
Farm Credit is the only financial institution in Armenia based on international cooperative principles which essentially differentiate the organization from others existing in the market. It was founded by farmers and for farmers. Its founders were guided by the slogan, ” Cooperation for the benefit of all.”
Farm Credit is not only a lender for you. When you become a member of the cooperative, at the same time, you are becoming the owner by investing your membership to its capital and sharing the rights and responsibilities set forth in its by-laws. 
With your membership you can support the development and improvement of your own farm. Farm Credit is a unique opportunity for Armenian farmers and small and medium agricultural enterprises to become involved in creating a national asset for agricultural  lending.
Our staff members, together with our board of directors  which is elected by farmers are working exceptionally hard for the benefit and wellbeing of farmers.Our doors are always open for more hard-working and willing farmers.

Years will pass and you will be proud that you have been the founders and members of Farm Credit.


Armen Gabrielyan




FCA UCO CC Chief Executive Officer/President