Dear customers,

You can present your claims and complaints concerning the services delivered by our organization, you can call by the following phone numbers (+374 10) 55 08 31, 55 07 41, send an e-mail to or send a letter via regular mail to the following address: “Farm Credit Armenia” UCO CC, Kajaznuni str. 18, Yerevan.

We also inform you that you can protect your rights both judicially and through the Financial System mediator. You can learn more details on the above-mentioned from the following documents:

Explanatory Bulletin on Dispute Resolution

Farm Credit Armenia’s Customer Complaint Handling Procedure

Farm Credit Armenia’s Internal Procedure on Customer Complaints Acceptance and Handling

Complaints Presentment Form


We would like to inform you that any person is entitled to receive the following information on “Farm Credit Armenia” UCO CC: the information and copies of documents stipulated in the subsection 3 of article 20 and subsection 2 of article 43 of Republic of Armenia Law on Banks and Banking Activity;

The above mentioned information is provided to the customer for free within 3 working days after receiving his application in a written form. The application can be presented in the following forms:

  • To the FCA Head office;
  • To the e-mail;
  • Via regular mail to the following address: “Farm Credit Armenia” UCO CC, Kajaznuni str. 18, Yerevan, tel. (+374 10) 55 08 31.


Responsible specialists for receiving claims from clients and  providing  necessary information to clients.
Department/Branch             Responsible person          Tel.                                  E-mail

Ani Hovhannesyan

CEO Assistant/Administrator

(+374 10) 55 08 31
Armavir Branch

Gohar Gabrielyan

Back Office Specialist

(+374 237) 2 90 01
Ejmiacin Branch

Mariam Saribekyan

Back Office Specialist

(+374 10) 55 08 31 
Myasnikyan Branch

Syuzana Avoyan

Back Office Specialist

(+374 10) 55 08 31

Masis Branch

Qarmine Vardanyan

Back Office Specialist

(+374 236) 4 00 99 
Artashat Branch

Roza Movsisyan

Back Office Specialist

(+374 235) 2 09 01 
Kotayq Branch

Zhenya Rubenyan

Back Office Specialist

(+374 222) 3 06 05 
Ashtarak Branch

Tatev Mnacakanyan

(+374 10) 55 08 31
Vayots Dzor Branch

Arevik Harutyunyan

Back Office Specialist

(+374 281) 2 10 17 
Sisian Branch

Nare Vardanyan

Back Office Specialist

(+374 283) 2 61 20