"Farm Credit Armenia" UCO CC hold its annual shareholders


"Farm Credit Armenia" UCO CC hold its annual general shareholders' meeting

"Farm Credit Armenia" Universal Credit Organization Commercial Cooperative holds its regular annual general meeting of shareholders. The agenda of the meeting and the materials on the agenda will be available to the members-shareholders entitled to participate in the meeting on the website of "Farm Credit Armenia" UCO CC  (http://www.fca.am/general_meeting_materials_2020.html),  as well as in the offices of the organization starting from June 8. The above-mentioned materials on the organization's website will be protected by a password, which will be sent in advance to the members-shareholders who have the right to participate in the Meeting, by SMS.

From June 15 to June 30 "Farm Credit Armenia" UCO CC member-borrowers can visit the organization's branch office in their region, get acquainted with the issues and materials of the General Meeting agenda and vote on the Meeting's issues.

Due to the coronavirus situation in Armenia, no regional meetings will be held this year.

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