“Farm Credit Armenia” UCO CC is Starting the “Borrow Wisely” Campaign


Farm Credit Armenia UCO CC has launched the “Borrow Wisely” campaign. The latter is a one-month educational program for current and potential member-borrowers. The campaign is organized with the initiative of Microfinance Center (Poland) - an international organization promoting the international standards of client protection. The program will take place in ten countries, including Armenia, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Kyrygzstan, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Tajikistan.
The “Borrow Wisely” campaign is designed to help customers to decide how much debt they can manage safely. The information is a set of simple guidelines which explain, what questions the clients should ask before borrowing. This way they ensure secure and responsible level of debt.
On October 1-31, within the framework of the program, “Farm Credit Armenia” UCO CC staff will actively be involved in the campaign with various informative materials, including booklets, posters, and leaflets. In addition, seminar-discussions will be organized in the regional branches of the organization

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