Executive Body

Chief Executive Officer/President

Armen Gabrielyan

Mr. Gabrielyan has extensive experience in the agricultural credit investment market. He is among the founding staff of ACBA Agricole Bank (formerly Agricultural Cooperative Bank of Armenia) that started in 1995. Serving the needs of farmers for financial resources, Armen Gabrielyan managed and coordinated different regional branches of ACBA Bank until 2004.

In 1991 after Armenia became independent he was engaged in the land privatization process. From 1992 to 1995 Mr. Gabrielyan was the head of Yeghegnadzor regional office of the Ministry of Social Security and Migration of the Republic of Armenia.

In 2005, Armen Gabrieyan joined the Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD) NGO  as head of its loan department. He had a key role in helping lay the groundwork in creating a financial institution based on internationally recognized cooperative principles and farm credit practices in Armenia.

Mr. Gabrielyan coordinated this project for CARD until September 18, 2007, when he was named chief executive officer/president of Farm Credit Armenia by its board of directors. In 2014 and 2015 Armen Gabrielyan was elected and reelected as the President of UCORA. In November of 2015 Mr. Gabrielyan was elected as a Board Director of Microfinance Centre.

Mr. Gabrielyan has an MA in Law, as well as a degree in French Language Philology and a college certificate in Political Science. He has completed extensive training programs in both  banking and law in the United States, France and Japan.

Armen Gabrielyan was born on July 5, 1959.

Phone: (374 10) 550831, 550741
Email: armeng@fca.am

Deputy Chief Executive Officer /Օperating Օfficer

Mushegh Petrosyan

Before joining Farm Credit Armenia, Mr. Petrosyan worked at ACBA Bank as а regional branch manager in Tavush marz (2004-2007), responsible for Tavush marz (2002-2004),  senior loan officer in Vayots Dzor branch (1999-2002). Prior to that, Mr. Petrosyan was a senior specialist in the planning and forecasting department in the Vayots Dzor Regional Administration. He graduated with an MA in mathematics from Yerevan State University.

Mushegh Petrosyan was born on May 31, 1970.

Phone: (374 10) 550831, 550741
Email: musheghp@fca.am

Deputy Chief Executive Officer / Chief Financial Officer      

Ani Sargsyan

Ani Sargsyan has Bachelor's degree in Economics from Yerevan State University (1999-2003) and MBA from American University of Armenia (2004-2005).

Before joining Farm Credit Armenia in March 2011, she worked at Armswissbank CJSC as head of risk management division (2006-2011), investment department specialist at the same bank (2005-2006). Ms. Sargsyan has had additional trainings in Risk Management both in Armenia and abroad.

Ani Sargsyan was born on March 12, 1982.

Phone: (374 10) 550831, 550741
Email: anis@fca.am


Deputy Chief Executive Officer/Chief Credit Officer 

Hrant Yeghiazaryan

Hrant Yeghiazaryan graduated from the State Agrarian University of Armenia with an MA in Economics in 1998. Before joining Farm Credit Armenia, Mr. Yeghiazaryan worked at the Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD) NGO as a senior loan officer from 2005-07, and at ACBA Bank’s Shirak branch from 2001-04.

Hrant Yeghiazaryan was born on September 18, 1974.

Phone: (374 10) 550831, 550741
Email: granty@fca.am



Deputy Chief Executive Officer /Branch Network Development Officer

Arsen Lobyan


Arsen Lobyan started his career in Farm Credit Armenia credit cooperative. He started as a loan officer in 2009. After working as a loan officer for around 4 years he took the position of “Armavir” branch manager in 2013. Since March 1st, 2018 Arsen Lobyan occupies the position of the Deputy Chief Executive Officer /Branch Network Development Officer. 

In 2009 A. Lobyan completed Bachelor’s degree in the Department of State and Municipal Management, Faculty of Management at the Yerevan State University of Economics. In 2012 he completed Master’s degree in the Faculty of Economics and Law.

A.Lobyan was born on June 5th, 1986.


Phone: (374 10) 550831, 550741
Email: arsen.lobyan@fca.am

Chief Accountant

Hrachuhi Hovhannisyan


In 2001 Hrachuhi Hovhannisyan congratulated from Business Organization and Planning Department of Yerevan State University of Economics.
Mrs. Hovhannisyan has been working in the financial and banking system of the RA for more than 10 years.
Before assuming her position at Farm Credit Armenia, she held different positions at ProCredit Bank CJSC: in 2015 – 2016 she was Head of the Bank’s Accounting Department, in 2012-2015 – Senior Accountant.
In 2005-2011 she worked at Ineco bank CJSC, holding different positions.
In 2001-2005 Mrs. Hovhannisyan worked at Armavir Medical College as Chief Accountant. Hrachuhi Hovhannisyan has attended a number of seminars and conferences and various professional training courses.

Hrachuhi Hovhannisyan was born on November 06, 1979.


Phone: (374 10) 550831, 550741
Email: hrachuhih@fca.am

Head of Internal Audit Department       

Mesrob Avagyan

Mr. Avagyan has over 10 years experience in the financial and banking industries in Armenia. He joined ACBA Bank in 1998, working in its branch offices in Vayots Dzor, Shirak and Syunik marzes. Before that, Avagyan was the chief accountant at Water Supply and Sewerage of Armenia CJSC, Vayots Dzor branch. He joined Farm Credit Armenia in 2008 as head of its internal audit department  before being named the cooperative’s chief accountant in March 2010. From 2011 to 2016 he occupied the position of head of Internal Audit Department. Mr. Avagyan was appointed in the position of Deputy Chief Executive Officer /Branch Network Development Officer on November, 2016.

On the 1st of March, 2018 Mesrop Avagyan was appointed as the Head of Internal Audit Department.

Mesrob Avagyan was born on August 29, 1971.

Phone: (374 10) 550831, 550741
Email: mesropa@fca.am