Armenia-Italy: coordination of banking cooperation


The meeting of the delegation of Farm Credit Armenia (FCA), the only credit cooperative operating in Armenia, and the National Association of Popular Banks took place in Rome. Farm Credit is the only financial company in Armenia whose activities are based on the principles of international cooperation, which makes Farm and Credit different from other organizations operating in the Armenian market. As the head of the delegation Armen Gabrielyan (Executive Director of FCA) mentioned during the meeting, the organization was founded under the motto "Cooperation for the benefit of all". Farm Credit Armenia's mission is to improve life in the country by offering affordable financial services for agriculture, food industry, small and medium businesses. During the meeting held at the headquarters of the National Association of Popular Banks , the importance of the mutual cooperation of the parties in the further development and strengthening of the partnership between the Italian People's Banks and the Armenian Credit Cooperative was particularly emphasized, as well as the need to organize meetings on technical issues during the next year.

By this meeting, the National Association of Popular Banks continues its activities to support the creation of connections in the field of international banking cooperation. The objective of the activity is to develop strong relationships and connections through the combination of experience gained by each of these banks and associations in different geographical and economic conditions. It is very necessary to present the results of these studies to the general attention, especially in the conditions of rapid global geopolitical transformations taking place in the world.

As the General Secretary of the National Association of Popular Banks , Giuseppe De Lucia Lumeno, stated while summarizing the meeting, "The ties between the People's Banks and the Armenian people are ancient, centuries-old ties. In the twenties of the last century, the founder of the Italian People's Banks, Luigi Luzzatti, made great efforts in our country to solve the problem of the liberation of the Armenian people, through the formation of public opinion and the involvement of politicians. It was thanks to this active activity of Luzzatti that many Armenians were hosted in southern Italy. The relations between Armenia and Italy, De Lucia Lumeno notes, remain stable to this day and should be continuously strengthened. These meetings are the way to bring us even closer and guide us to the final goal."

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