Staff meeting in Elite Plaza business center


Farm Credit Armenia UCO CC had a staff meeting on February 17, 2016 in “Elite Plaza” Business Center. The main purpose of it served the discussion of the issues related to strategic planning for the upcoming working year.

The executive management, branch managers, the managers of the departments and credit officers of the cooperative took part in the staff meeting. The CEO/President Armen Gabrielyan, Deputy CEOs, HR manager and branch managers shared their presentations on the analyses of different factors which were thought to be directly affecting the organization’s further activities. The key topics discussed during the meeting were the financial indicators of FCA, main trends in the credit portfolio and other indicators, the stuff turnover analysis, the statistics of the trainings having been held in the previous year and planned to be gone through during the upcoming year

The speakers presented the working plans of the departments of FCA for 2016, discussed the ways and the tactics chosen for their realization. Afterwards the participants discussed several questions related to the strategic planning of FCA for 2016-2017. The meeting was very productive due to the opportunity of brainstorming and thought exchange.

Farm Credit Armenia will have such kind of staff meetings on a regular basis, as the company finds this kind of meetings vitally important for the constant development of the organization, as group discussions are always supposed to help in developing a better perspective on issues.

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