Farm Credit Armenia UCO CC and Finance Banking College Foundation Collaboration Continues


On May 4, 2010 ceremony of issuing graduation certificates of two months training program to Farm Credit Armenia UCO CC loan officers took place at Finance Banking College Foundation.
From November 2009 up to February 2010 at Finance Banking College Foundation two months training for Farm Credit Armenia UCO CC 14 loan officers was organized aiming at the expansion and enhancement of loan officers’ knowledge in RA Lending Legal Regulation, lending stages, creditworthiness evaluation, main economic normatives of RA banks and credit organizations, loans classification and reservation procedure, etc.
The loan officers acquired both theoretical and practical knowledge and got high scores during the final tests.
The director of Finance Banking College Foundation Armen Saroyan mentioned in his words of thanks: “The collaboration between Finance Banking College Foundation and Farm Credit Armenia UCO CC has begun since 2007, at the time when FCA was making its first steps in RA financial system and we are in firm belief that our cooperation will be longstanding”.
The Chief Executive Officer of FCA Armen Gabrielyan expressed his acknowledgment to the teaching staff of Finance Banking College Foundation in the person of the director Armen Saroyan and emphasized the importance of the role the college plays in training and development of RA Financial system specialists. Armen Gabrielyan also expressed his hope that in the near future within the scope of Finance Banking College Foundation teaching programs the conception of Cooperatives will be taught to college students and on behalf of FCA expressed willingness to support in that process.

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