“Farm Credit Armenia” UCO CC Holds Strategic Annual Retreat


“Farm Credit Armenia” UCO CC held its fifth Annual Strategic Planning Retreat on February 15-17. This year it was hold in Kotayk region, “Ani Resort” Hotel, in Hanqavan. The attendees of the seminar were: FCA whole staff, including branch employees, Board members, trainers from the RA Central Bank and PUM expert from the Netherlands.
The first day of the seminar was devoted to the presentation of the 2012 performance and 2013-2015 strategic business planning. The staff was presented the achievements of 2012, the loan portfolio growth, structure and services. The audience has got familiar with the standings of FCA in the financial market among other UCOs. The financial analysis was followed by the presentation of FCA three year Strategic Plan for 2013-2015. The day was concluded by the brainstorming of existing FCA software which is developed in-house. In parallel, Board was conducting Audit committee and Executive/HR management committee meetings, which were followed by the Board meeting.
During the second day of the retreat training session was held about Information security, IT governance, corporate governance (COSO), IT governance framework (CoBIT), IT risk management and assessment.
Karel Jansen, PUM expert, was invited to Hanqavan to make a presentation on MIS (Management Information System).
He highlighted the importance of information and communication in the organization. The presentation included the information types (formal/informal, internal/external, etc.), quality of information, information flows (top-down/bottom-up), information system key risks, the role of people handling the information, etc.

Discussion of a number of issues, including those related to back office and HR department, group discussions, business tasks were also part of the organized training.
The three-day training was informative, interactive, useful and well-organized and will contribute to increase the productivity of the organization. It is very important for effective team work.

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