Board of Directors

Currently, the Board of Directors of Farm Credit Armenia is composed of seven members elected by the members who attend the cooperative annual general meeting, as well as two independent board members, who are chosen by the directors. 

Seryozha Hayrapetyan

Board Chairman

Khndzoresk village, Syunik marz

As the mayor of his village, Mr. Hayrapetyan is responsible for improving living conditions of village residents, securing financial resources to support low-income families and coordinating all major activities in the village. He has an MA in Law from the Syunik Institute in Goris. His farm operation of 54 hectares consists of wheat production, vineyards and orchards.

On June 16, 2014 Mr. Hayrapetyan was re-elected by the board to a four-year term as its chairman.

On September 3, 2011 Mr. Hayrapetyan was awarded Ananya Shirakatsi medal  by the decree of the president of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan.

Seryoja Hayrapetyan was born on January 23, 1966.


Artavazd Khachatryan, 

Board Member

Aratashen village, Armavir marz

Mr. Khachatryan graduated from the faculty of Mechanization of Armenian Agricultural Institute in 1974 as an engineer-mechanic of agricultural production.  He continued his education in the Viticulture, Wine Making and Horticulture Armenian Research Institute obtaining a PhD, afterwards, obtained a scientific degree of candidate of technical sciences in 1980. 
Artavazd Khachatryan owns a greenhouse farming of 
5000 m² area in the Aratashen region: he is in greenhouse business for already 20 years. Previously, he worked in the Viticulture, Wine Making and Horticulture institute as the Deputy Director, subsequently, he worked as the Director of the ''Agroservice" - the subsidiary of Armenian Support Fund in the Aratashen region.

In 2002, Mr. Khachatryan established "Arto Khachatryan" LLC and he is the Director of LLC to this day.

Artavazd Khachatryan was born on 01.01.1952.


Rafik Ohanyan,

Board Member

Ptghavan village, Tavush marz


He is the past director of Ptghavan secondary school and also was the mayor of the village for a long period. He served the community by organizing social activities in the village such as maintaining its cleanliness with the help of local schoolchildren, planting trees and flowers in public areas, organizing community events, finding resources to support families in need, and supporting families that are building homes.

Since 2002 he has been board chairman of Vardashen NGO aimed at improving the living standards of refugees living in his region. Ohanyan has an MA in Pedagogy from the Pedagogical Institute in Baku, department of Russian Language and Literature. Mr. Ohanyan has 6 hectares of crops and a peach orchard which he is expanding.

On June 16, 2014 Mr. Ohanyan was re-elected at the general meeting as a board member from Tavush marz. His term ends in 2018.

Rafik Ohanyan was born on November 27, 1956.


Roland Sousounyan

Board Member

Ararat marz, v. Narek


Roland Sousounyan is one of the first member-shareholders of “Farm Credit Armenia”. He lives in Narek village, Ararat marz.

Roland Sousounyan has a higher education in Law. From 1994-1999 he studied at the University named after Hr. Acharyan, in the Faculty of Law.

From 1998-2005 he worked in RA Police.

From 2008-2012 Roland has held the position of the governor of Narek community.

Simultaneously, Mr. Sousounyan has founded and developed a multi-branch farm. He is mainly engaged in gardening and cultivation of vegetable crops.

In June, 2018 Mr. Sousounyan was elected as a Board member by “Farm Credit Armenia” UCO CC’s Shareholders’ General Meeting.




Mansur Khachatryan,

Board Member, Kotayk marz


Mansur Khachatryan was born in Bujakan region. He graduated from local school and continued his education in Yerevan Polytechnic Institute from 1987 – 1994 as an engineer mechanic. During the education he served in the army.

Graduating from the Institute, Mr. Khachatryan started to develop his nowadays activity, being involved in diverse sectors of agriculture. Since 1994 he has been engaged in cattle breeding and husbandry. With each passing year Mr. Khachatryan developed his farming and has expanded his activities due to the investments.

Mr. Khachatryan also participates in the activities of the local authorities of his native village. Today, he is a member of local community municipality.

Mr. Khachatryan is married and has 3 children.

Mansur Khachatryan was born in 22.05.1969.


Edvard Petrosyan

Yeghegnadzor city

Vayots Dzor marz


Mr. Petrosyan obtained his degree of higher education from Kostroma Agricultural Institute of Russia in 1992. He graduated from the faculty of Agronomy getting a respective specialization. 
Mr. Petrosyan has an extensive work experience in the field of Agriculture and community work. He worked as the mayor of the rural municipality of Arpi village in Vayots dzor marz from 1999 to 2008. From 01.05.2012 to 30.09.2012, Mr. Petrosyan worked as an Agronomist in “Syunik” NGO, continuing his career in Vayots dzor marz municipality from 2013 as a leading specialist of the Department of Agriculture and Environmental Protection. 
Mr. Petrosyan is currently engaged in greenhouse business and owns 837m² vegetable greenhouse. In addition to the greenhouse, Mr. Petrosyan owns 1.4 ha orchard. 


Avetiq Ghukasyan

Board Member

Ashtarak city, Aragatsotn marz


In 1983 Mr. Ghukasyan graduated from Armenian State Engineering University and has a Masters in Manufacturing Engineering.1988-1992 he passed postgraduate course in Powder Metallurgy at the same University. In 1992 he obtained Graduate certificate in Business Administration Swinburne University, Australia.
1983-1986 Mr. Ghukasyan served as a manager at the maintenance department of Podolsk Cable Factory, Russia. 1986-1991 he worked at Engineering Department Yerevan Cable Factory. From 1991-93 he was the assistant to the Minister of Higher Education & Science of Armenia. 
1993-95 he held the position of Project Development Specialist USAID/Caucasus.
From 1995-2000 Avetik Ghukasyan was the co-founder of Aries ltd. (, since 2001 he has been the founder-director of “Aries Liber” company. The same year he was appointed as the Honorary Consul of Estonia in Armenia. Since 1995 Mr. Ghukasyan has been a freelance simultaneous interpreter.
Mr. Ghukasyan is also engaged in horticulture and production of fruit vodkas.
In September 2015 he was elected as a Board member of “Farm Credit Armenia” UCO CC from Aragatsotn marz.

Avetik Ghukasyan was born on August 19, 1961.


Haroutyun Zakoyan

Independent Board Member


Haroutyun Zakoyan was educated in the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the Polytechnic Institute named after K. Marx and was granted a qualification of an engineer-economist. Then he continued his studies in Moscow in 1988-1992 in the State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman and was granted a degree of a candidate of technical sciences.
Haroutyun Zakoyan started his working experience in the Yerevan Electric Engines Factory where he worked during the years 1985-1988. He has had active working experience in different financial institutions, such as RA Central Bank, ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank, Areximbank and other institutions. Since 01.08.2017 he has been working in the "SME Development National Center" as the Armavir branch director.