Business Meeting in Elite Plaza Business Center


The member shareholders and the executive management of Farm Credit Armenia UCO CC had a business meeting in Elite Plaza business center on the 2nd of March, 2016.  More than 80 member-shareholders, including the Board members, took part in the meeting. The main aim of the meeting was discussing the challenges the member shareholders may face these days and offering support in solving them, raising the financial awareness amongst the member shareholders, listening to their needs and finding all of the possible ways of meeting them.
The meeting was opened by the CEO/President Armen Gabrielyan with the presentation about the strategy and the tactics of Farm Credit Armenia for the upcoming 2016-17. Mr. Gabrielyan mentioned in his speech: “The member-shareholders of Farm Credit are the backbones of the cooperative. You are the owners of this structure, and this is the only financial institution in Armenia in which you not only have responsibilities, but you also have rights. I believe that this kind of meetings are highly important and productive, and we have to organize them periodically. This business meeting contributes to the identification of your problems and needs and helps us to support you in a more efficient way”.
Deputy CEO/CRO Anahit Orbelyan and Deputy CEO/CCO Hrant Yeghiazaryan presented to the participants the Analysis of the financial market, the main trends of Armenian economy and the opportunities for the development of the business and the agriculture.
During the meeting the participants discussed several questions about the ways and opportunities of strengthening the cooperation between the organization’s member-shareholders as the members of one big family which could also be beneficial for most of them. During the discussion the member borrowers also touched the topics concerning the opportunities, the challenges and the risks they can have in the current economic situation. The specific features and delicacy of the agricultural and business lending, the investment environment of RA, and the investment policy and the risks in some of the fields most interesting for the member shareholders were discussed as well.
In the end of the meeting, in their speeches the member-borrowers welcomed the idea of organizing similar meetings as frequently as possible. They emphasized the fact that those kind of events gave a unique opportunity for both the lenders and the borrowers to make a better understanding of the viewpoints, problems and needs of the both sides and achieve mutual benefit.
Farm Credit Armenia, staying true to the cooperative principles and realizing the big role of such kind of meetings in the productiveness of the organization’s activities, is planning to continuously organize them.

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