Farm Credit Armenia UCO CC Board members, CEO Armen Gabrielyan and Board Secretary visited the United States


From 2 to 17 February, 2008 Farm Credit Armenia UCO CC Board members, CEO Armen Gabrielyan and Board Secretary visited the United States to undergo special trainings at U.S. Farm Credit Administration, Farm Credit of the Virginias, MidAtlantic Farm Credit Bank, United State Department of Agriculture and other organizations.

First the visitors spent three days in Washington DC where they participated in special orientation training course designed for first term board of directors of Farm Credit System banks. These trainings are held yearly by Farm Credit Council Services. The purpose of the training is to introduce the newly elected board of directors the principles of board governance, the policies which the system banks are following and the development of procedures.

Farm Credit Armenia board members also visited U.S. Farm Credit Administration where they were greeted by the Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Nancy Pellet, Board member as well as Board Chairman of Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation Leland (Lee) A. Strom and others.

Finally Armenian delegation traveled to Delaware and Maryland where they were introduced the American agriculture first hand. They were hosted by MidAtlantic Farm Credit management and learnt about structure, lending practices and principles of Farm Credit in the United States. Delaware Secretary of Agriculture Michael Scuse met with Armenian delegation, gave general information about the activities carried out in the field of agriculture in the state of Delaware and about the existing problems, and answered some question that were of interest to Farm Credit Armenia Board members.

These visits and trainings gave FC board members an opportunity to get practical knowledge on board governance and agricultural lending principles which will eventually influence the governance of Farm Credit Armenia and the future development of rural Armenia.  

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