“Farm Credit Armenia” CEO Armen Gabrielyan Participates at 2012 International Summit of Cooperatives


From October 6-11 “Farm Credit Armenia” CEO Armen Gabrielyan participated at 2012 International Summit of Cooperatives at the Quebec city in Canada entitled “The amazing power of cooperatives”.
The 750,000 cooperatives operating globally employ over 100 million people worldwide. That's why it's important for the decision-makers and persons of influence from the world of cooperatives to discuss their current and future business challenges and identify initiatives that will help promote the sustainable prosperity.
Some 130 international keynote speakers: economists, financiers, CEOs, ministers, academics and researchers presented their vision of the current and future challenges the cooperative model faces.
Within the framework of the summit Mr. Gabrielyan met with a number of leaders of the cooperatives, mainly: president of Planet Finance Jacques Attali, CEO of Desjardins Group Monique Leroux, CEO of Développement international Desjardins Anne Gaboury, CEO of Lithuanian Central Credit Union Fortunas Dirgincius, etc. FCA CEO participated in round-table discussions, theme-based workshops, international conference on co-operative economics, international forums, full meetings, etc.
The Summit gave the participants a chance to look at major international development trends and adopt a common vision of the global cooperative movement and the opportunities it offers.
Thus, the Summit served to strengthen the network of cooperatives around the world to create a real sphere of influence in all economic and political arenas.

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