PUM Expert Renze Klamer


From April 25th to May 2nd, FCA hosted Mr. Renze Klamer, a trainer from PUM, 2014.The expert held a training on the topic of Business Ethics for different groups. In particular, sessions were hold for senior management, the branch managers, credit and back officers of FCA. The topic was discussed on different levels with very interactive approach and presentation. The training included many practical examples as debates and was based on dilemmas relevant to FCA and credit organizations in general. 
The presentation included a discussion on what a dilemma is, what actions can be taken when we face one in work environment, what are the theoretical approaches and what practical guidelines there are for reaching a decision. 
The training was based on the importance of knowledge, behavior and attitude when one faces a dilemma. It was stressed that one should be able to firstly lead himself if he wants to reach a wise decision finally. The sessions were very active, full of questions and arguments. 
The participants gave positive feedback to the training stressing the importance of the topic, the informative and useful nature of the presentation and the lessons learned.

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