PUM Senior Expert Berry Verlaan's Training on Rose Cultivation


FCA has had the subsequent PUM mission for its member-borrowers. PUM senior expert Berry Verlaan was invited to conduct training for the rose growers who are member-borrowers of "Farm Credit Armenia" UCO CC. From 15-24 May of the current year Mr. Verlaan held consultations on a wide range of topics, such as planting of roses, cultivation, fertilization, irrigation, nutrition, growth, humidity, temperature as well as different aspects of rose growing in a greenhouse.
The important issue is that the recommendations were given by taking into consideration the climate, humidity, soil and water structure in Armenia. The growers have improved their knowledge and skills in rose growing and gained better capacity to manage their greenhouses.
The expert has long years of experience and deep knowledge in the topic of the project and made detailed sessions on the existing problems as well as follow-up written recommendations. One of the most important and successful elements of the project were the field visits to the greenhouses of the participants. This gave the opportunity to work with the farmers individually and to advise on the existing issues in each greenhouse separately.
In September, 2012, a Memorandum of Agreement was signed between "Farm Credit Armenia" UCO CC and PUM-Netherlands whereby the latter will provide agricultural trainings to FCA member-borrowers and professional trainings to FCA staff.

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