Farm Credit's Team Participated in the Seminars Organized in Israel


From the 4th to 12th of December, 2017, sixteen members of Farm credit's staff participated in the seminars titled "Agribusiness and post-harvesting technologies" which had been organized for our cooperative's team by Galilee International Management Institute based in Northern Israel.
During 9 days of trainings, our employees have gained theoretical knowledge; also have had an opportunity to visit several farms and to get acquainted with the above-mentioned technologies in practice.
It should be noted that the agriculture of Israel is continuously progressing and prospering and is considered to be one of the world leaders. High technologies and methodological approaches are making this country a leader in this sphere.
It is a remarkable fact that Israel provides 95% of the food for its population. Taking into account the fact that only the 3.5 % of the population is engaged in the agriculture it is obvious that 1 farmer can feed 100 people.
Overall this visit to the country which has a prosperous and developed agriculture has had a significant role in Farm Credit staff's educational level improving strategy.

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