Borrow Wisely Campaign Has Been Summed Up


Farm Credit Armenia has summed up the third annual BORROW WISELY!campaign - a one month educational campaign which has been organized by Microfinance Centre (MFC) - an international organization which promotes international customer protection standards and financial education. This year the campaign was conducted in 14 countries of Europe and Central Asia (Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Serbia, Romania, Tajikistan and Ukraine).
During the one-month campaign Farm Credit has organized 10 meetings in 5 marzes of Armenia and approximately 250 member – borrowers took part in the above mentioned educational meetings. Moreover, the whole staff of the cooperative shared the educational materials of the Campaign with our present and potential member-borrowers and explained the key messages to them individually.
The slogan of the Campaign is "Manage (handle) your debt, do not let it manage you", which completely expresses the mission of BORROW WISELY.
The aim of the campaign is to educate present and potential borrowers and increase the level of their financial literacy.
During the meetings organized by Farm Credit our speakers thoroughly explained the member – borrowers the process of crediting with the help of key messages of the Campaign.
The targeted educational messages are mentioned below:
1.      How much loan can I borrow?
2.      Do I know how much I will pay?
3.      Do I fully understand the contract?
4.      What should I do, if I am not satisfied with my bank?
5.      How can I control my debt level?
To sum up, the cases presented by the speakers, the questions and discussions between the participants made the meetings more productive. Furthermore, the speakers of Farm Credit presented the history of our cooperative, they spoke about the principles and the features of the Cooperative Enterprise Model.
The meetings took place both in the branches of the cooperative and diverse regions of RA, mainly in Kanakeravan (Kotayk marz), Pshatavan, Hoctember, Tsaghkalanj and Artimet (Armavir marz), Azatavan (Ararat marz) regions and in Sisan city. Generally, our cooperative strives to assist the member – borrowers to maintain their debt in a reasonable level and to contribute to their financial sustainability. Therefore, from the point of view of Farm Credit, this kind of educational – advising campaigns have quite a significant role helping to  improve  he financial literacy and awareness of present and potential member-borrowers.

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