Farm Credit Armenia UCO CC and The Golden Goat CJSC have signed an Agreement


Farm Credit Armenia UCO CC and The Golden Goat CJSC have signed an Agreement about the Value Chain Financing of the goat milk and cheese production in the scope of the "Second phase of the supporting of the agricultural sector in RA". Furthermore, following the Agreement Farm Credit Armenia has launched a new loan product – "Rich milk". The new loan is a unique innovative tool of the crediting sector which promotes the growth of the business of the Value Chain members and increases their competitiveness with the help of the financial resources involvement and the special crediting terms.

The "Rich milk" product is to be provided with special terms to the "Golden Goat" CSJC and its supplier companies.

The "Rich milk" loan product terms have been processed taking into account the special features of livestock farming and the specific characteristics of the milk producers' income flows.

The Golden Goat was founded it 2000 and has been continued its activity in Goghtanik village of Vayots Dzor marz. The company is the first and the largest producer of goat cheese. The latter cooperates with the local farmers on contractual basis who are producing milk.

The Golden Goat distributes its product both in the local and external markets.

This cooperation is considered to promote to promote the production of the milk by livestock farms and the cheese and dairy production – by processing companies. The two sides of the Agreement believe that this kind of innovative step will contribute to the development of the Armenian milch livestock farms and will be a good example for further usage of this experience. Farm Credit expects this kind of cooperation with other processing companies in diverse spheres of agriculture.

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